Saturday, August 29, 2009


This is my third visit to Hampi in the past one year. The place has some charm which makes me go there so often (or is it the Mango Tree?)

A UNESCO world heritage site, these ruins of the Vijayanagar empire are located about 15 kms from Hospet, and on the banks of the river Thungabhadra.

Buses are easily available to Hospet, or even Hampi, from Bangalore. There are train services from Bangalore to Hospet too.

Important places in Hampi:
Virupaksha temple
KaDalekaaLu Ganesha
SaasivekaaLu Ganesha
Lakshmi Narsimha temple
The Queen's bath
Mahanavami Dibba
Stepped tank (inside the Mahanavami Dibba)
The Lotus Mahal and the elephant's stable (inside the Zanana enclosure)
Hazarama temple complex
Prasanna Virupaksha temple
Courtesan street
Mathunga hills
Vitthala temple complex and the stone chariot inside it.
Last, but definitely not the least, the Mango Tree!

There are other important/nice places but I've only listed the ones I remember.

The team: Jitha, Kid, Naveen, Vyasa, Shailendra and yours truly.

Some photos:

The lotus mahal

The stepped tank

Inside the Hazararam temple

The famous stone chariot

The mango tree! What a place to relax..

More photos are here and here.

Thus continues the quest...

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जाट देवता (संदीप पवाँर) said...

अब आगे बढो कुछ लिख भी डालो
घुमक्कड व मस्ती दोनों साथ रहने से मजा ज्यादा आता है,