Friday, April 11, 2008

The North-East expedition.

Have you ever had throngs of people wave at you, from a remote village, as you roar by? Have you ever felt like a celebrity, atleast for a month, with people surrounding you and your bike, staring at you in disbelief? Have you ever had policemen stop you, only to have a cup of tea with you? Have you ever hugged your bike while crossing a stream on a cramped boat, all raining and completely drenched? Have you ever whispered words of encouragement to your bike, egging it on to cross a high pass at temperatures way below freezing point? Have you ever felt one with nature and your bike, that holy union of three entities?

I have...

Watch this space for updates. Too much to write. Trying to keep it short and hence taking time.
In the meanwhile, if you are as jobless as me, go through the pics here


Jitha said...

What a blog maga.. What words.. What profound thoughts.. What expression!
Too high for your standards!
Stick to writing mediocre stuff like I do!

Bhatta. said...

@J: Go to some place north of Mumbai, and ideas will start flowing ;-)

Jitha said...

Yeah.. Take a swipe at me now..
I'll also get my chance